Mar 18, 2020 - Affordable and easy decorating ideas for beach condo rentals or updating your own coastal living space. Incorporate these beach style decorating ideas for the living room, great room, bedroom and bath. . See more ideas about Beach style decorating, Coastal decor, Beach condo rentals.

In coastal decorating, the emphasis is on light. Avoid heavy, dark wood tones in furnishings and flooring. Instead, look for beach-tone rugs and light wood varieties, such as oak, maple, and cork, in clear varnishes. Leave the windows minimally covered -- or even bare -- to bring in as much daylight as possible.

Modern coastal decorating blends a subtle sophistication with the traditional rustic elements of seaside living. Comfortable, yet modern, chairs nestle snugly against a well-used table with tattered edges. Sailboats on a deep blue ocean bring the ocean living up onto the walls. Lantern-like lighting reinforces this coastal sophistication.