Beach House Plans. Beach or seaside houses are often raised houses suitable for the shoreline sites. They are adaptable for use as a vacation house near water or even in mountain areas. The Tidewater house is typical and features wide porches, constructed of wood with the main living area raised one level.

Beach House Plans. The typical destination for vacations, short or long, is the beach, and what better way to enjoy your long stays by the ocean than in your own beachfront home? With a home near shoreline, the peacefulness and relaxation that you will enjoy is unbound as the tidewater rolls in.

Beach house plans are ideal for your seaside, coastal village or waterfront property. These home designs come in a variety of styles including beach cottages, luxurious waterfront estates and small vacation house plans. Some beach home designs may be elevated/raised on pilings or stilts to accommodate flood zones while others may be on crawl space or slab foundations for lots with higher ...