"We went out on the boat last Friday at 2pm! Captain Janet, Miss Nico & Jake made a beautiful sailing, snorkeling & kayaking trip the "Key" to having THE MOST AMAZING day of fun & sun ever!" "All those from Danger Charters were so very knowledgeable about the area, mangroves, wildlife etc.....they were very efficient in helping us get on and off the boat and we had a wonderful time!!"

Best time to snorkel in Key West. The best time to visit the snorkeling spots in Key West is between December and May. Florida experiences optimal weather during these months which provides breezy, sunny days and ideal conditions for water activities.

Key West is known for it’s beautiful waters and most importantly the reef here. Key West easily has one of the worlds largest reef. Matter of fact it is the 3rd largest reef in the WORLD.

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