Also called a solarium, Florida room, garden room, sun parlor, patio room, winter garden, or conservatory, it's basically a space with windows or screens on three sides that let the sun shine right...

In simple terms, the Florida room is a residential amenity living space addition built onto a home’s back or side wall with a roof. This addition to the home gets its name from its popularity in Florida. Aside from its geographic namesake, a Florida room is also known by many aliases, including a sun room, solarium, a garden room, patio room, sun porch, winter garden and conservatory.

The Florida Room, also called a sunroom or conservatory, took off, cropping up on homes from the Sunshine State to the Northeast. Typically designed as extensions of the outdoors—and often bearing the home’s exterior siding as its one windowless wall—Florida Rooms donned hardy wood and stone floors, mostly all-weather furniture (hello, wicker), and a whole lot of plants.