Pole barn house plans with loft to set how shape a pole barn house and loft, we have to planning how shape of pole barn house. We can see some examples other house, some people make pole barn in a room, but some people make a loft to save bad goods that it not use again.


Twist the attic into a loft. The sleeping area can be a individual level while the rest of the distance can be a playground. Attic changed into a snug hideout comprising an extremely intriguing design. The angles and the way and walls continue onto the floor and ceiling is quite eye catching.


3. 4,800 square foot loft. This next amazing loft is located in New York City, USA, in a neighborhood called Hell’s Kitchen. It was a project developed by New York City-based studio Resolution: 4 Architecture. The loft is a 4,800 square foot space and it was designed for an art critic and film editor.